Last week, Marriott Hotels & Partners introduced a new eco-conscious plan to remove all single use plastics from its hotels by December 2020. The chain is one of the many luxury brands in the industry who have decided to take on an environmentally friendly approach to their services. For those looking to be more conscious about their travels, a great way to do this is by visiting eco-friendly resorts and hotels. Need some green inspo? Here are our travel experts’ top picks for hotels going green:

Six Senses Hotels & Spas

Six Senses Can Dao was designed to maximise air flow in order to reduce the need for air conditioning

The Six Senses Resorts & Spas was founded on the notion of allowing guests to reconnect with nature in all its glory. All resorts feature their own unique eco-friendly programmes and amenities in an attempt to promote the importance of leading a more sustainable lifestyle. Six Senses Con Dao in Vietnam is built entirely out of sustainable materials, and was designed to maximise airflow to reduce the need for air conditioning. In fact, this Vietnam resort has been recognised as one of the top eco-lodges by the National Geographic Traveller. Six Senses Zighy Bay in Oman produces its own organic fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheese and honey for all its restaurants and spa products. As a result, the hotel has since reduced the use of plastic packaging, and utilised their compost for farming.

Denis Private Island Resort, Seychelles

Denis Island Hotel has introduced the country’s largest private renewable energy investment

This family-owned island resort in the Seychelles has gone above and beyond to ensure they are that are reaching their environmentally friendly goals. Rather than importing food from other sources, the hotel grows its own fruits and vegetables, rears its own cattle, catches fish from its own waters and sources fresh milk and eggs from the animals on site.  Even the spa products used include ingredients sourced from the island. Denis Private Island has also invested into the use of photo-voltaic solar panels (the country’s largest private renewable energy investment) which will reduce and eventually eliminate the need for diesel power.

El Nido Resorts, Philippines

Since 2006, the palawan hotels have replaced their boat engines with eco friendly versions

The El Nido resort group believe that each guest should enjoy the true beauty of the Palawan islands in its natural form. Each of the Palawan hotels have state-of-the-art sewage treatment plants built into the resort’s ground to ensure that sewage waste isn’t discharged into the sea. The hotels also encourage nature-based activities for guests, such as accompanied tours. Since 2006, the hotel boats have used eco-friendly engines to reduce carbon monoxide emissions. Meals at restaurants are also made fresh every day from locally sourced fruits, vegetables and livestock.

Spice Island Beach Resort, Grenada

The Grenada hotel organises beach clean-ups and replanting.

Spice Island Beach Resort has been a luxury staple in the Caribbean. In their own sustainable approach, the charming Grenada eco-friendly resort uses solar heating to generate energy throughout the resort and fill their swimming pools with non-chlorinated water. The Grenada hotel even promotes educational and community-driven programmes for both guests and staff which often involve beach clean-ups and replanting.


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